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Dr. Aske's Presentations on Vocabulary Learning

Presentation at 2013.01.11 retreat


MaFLA Presentation, 10/26/12: Electronic Flashcards for Computers, iPads/Tablets, and Smartphones

Jon Aske, Salem State University

Session E3 - Dudley Room

Flashcards aid in the learning of vocabulary, verb forms and other morphological and syntactic patterns. This session will present a variety of computer technologies to use electronic flashcards on computers, tablets/iPads and smartphones for a range of word, sentence and questionanswer pair activities. These enhanced flashcards even allow the embedding of pictures and sound as well as the reappearance of cards at different intervals. In Spanish.

Conference program, page 22

PowerPoint Presentation


Materials for workshops

Images to make some flashcards:, for verbs: adivinar, apagar, cubrir, doblar, enseņar, ganar, gritar, llamar, llegar, regresar, romper


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