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Many of these decks are mofidied version of decks found at Anki's shared deck repository:

Flashcards for the Spanish textbook Anda

There are three types of card: Vocabulary, Verb conjugation, and question-answer; divided by chapter and chapter section (made by Dr. Aske)

  1. Anda I textbook (part 1): Vocabulary: Anda_101_Vocabulary.apkg
  2. Anda I textbook (part 1): Verbs: Anda_101_Verbs.apkg
  3. Anda I textbook (part 1): Questions: Anda_101_Questions.apkg
  4. Anda I textbook (part 1: Everything together (NOT RECOMMENDED): Anda.apkg

Flashcards for Chinese

  1. Chinese Made Easy Vocabulary: chinese_made_easy_vocab.apkg (NO AUDIO): only lessons 1 and 2 for now; more coming soon
  2. Integrated Chinese 3 Level 1: IC3eL1.apkg (no sounds) (modified from this source)
  3. Mastering Chinese Characters 01 (Listening Sentence & Vocab) (WITH AUDIO): Mastering_Chinese_Characters_01_Listening_Sentence__Vocab.apkg (source)
  4. Mastering Chinese Characters 02 (Listening Sentence & Vocab) (WITH AUDIO): Mastering_Chinese_Characters_02_Listening_Sentence__Vocab.apkg (source)

Flashcards for Arabic

  1. Alif Baa textbook: alifbaa.apkg (WITH AUDIO); units 1, 2, 3 and part 1 of 4; taken from
  2. Arabic Alphabet by Muna Osman: arabicalphabet.apkg (WITH AUDIO) (source)
  3. Modern Standard Arabic SIA (with vowels): modernstandardarabicsia.apkg (source)

Flashcards for Italian

  1. 427 Common Italian Words: 427_Common_Italian_Words.apkg (source)

Flashcards for German

  1. IPA for German: IPA_for_German.apkg (source)

Flashcards for French

  1. French 500 coloured words with pictures and sounds (WITH PICTURES AND AUDIO): French_500_coloured_words_with_pictures_and_sounds.apkg.apkg (source)
  2. 1001 Most Useful French Words: 1001_Most_Useful_French_Words.apkg (source)
  3. French Pronunciation Fundamentals With Audio: French_Pronunciation_Fundamentals__With_Audio__.apkg (source)

Flashcards for Latin

  1. Core Novice Latin Vocabulary with audio: Core_Novice_Latin_Vocabulary_with_audio.apkg (source)
  2. Wheelock's Latin - Complete Vocabulary: Wheelocks_Latin_-_Complete_Vocabulary.apkg (source)

Download other shared flashcards

Anki users have shared many flashcards with the Anki community. There are some good ones there, and others not so good. You can download shared decks for free here:

Just go to a deck's page to check it out. If you want it, click Download at the bottom of the page and then import it into Anki

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