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Spanish Language Resources
For Language Learners

Here you will find practical resources for learning (and teaching) Spanish:

  1. Acquiring vocabulary
    The study of vocabulary is often undervalued in language classes. Often instructors feel that the most important thing they can teach their students is grammar and that students can take care of studying the vocabulary on their own. The emphasis is often on learning vocabulary incidentally, through reading, not purposefully, through study. Learn more about this and learn about digital flashcards.
  2. Canciones: Spanish Songs for the Classroom
    A collection of songs to be used in Spanish language classrooms. Based on a workshop for the Massachusetts Foreign Language Association by Dr. Aske in October 2011. Constantly maintained with many additions of songs and related resources.
  3. Using cognates for learning Spanish (and English) vocabulary
    A site devoted to the etymological approach to learning Spanish vocabulary by making connections between Spanish Latin-based vocabulary and English Latinate vocabulary, which is approximately 56% of the total English vocabulary.
  4. Online Drill Exercises for Spanish Linguistics
    Primarily drill exercises and other study materials developed by Jon Aske for Spanish linguistics study.

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