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Fortuna Safdié

Country: Brazil
Style: Sephardic songs

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Scalerica de oro

Scalerica de oro
De oro y de marfil
Para que suva la novia
A dar kidushim
Vinimos a ver
Vinimos a ver
Que logren y gocen
Y tengan mucho bien
La novia no tiene ducados
Que mos tenga un mazal alto

A ladder made of gold
Of gold and ivory
So that the bride may climb
To give kidushim
We came to see
We came to see
That they rejoice and be merry
And feel very happy
The bride has no money
May she have good luck.

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Daile a cenar

Yo me levantaria un lunes
Un lunes por la mañanita
Tomara yo mi cantarito
Y la fuente fuera por agua
Y a la mitad de aquel camino
Con mis amores me encontrara
Tiró me la manika al cuello
La gargantilla me tocara
Tate tate tu el cavallero
Desba me iré para mi casa
Me lavaré mi lindo cuerpo
Me pondré camisita blanca
Me ciñeré mi cinturita
Con una kushaka morada
Me peinaré mi cavessika
Me pondré camisita blanca
Tate tate que no hay dote
Desha el amor para la noche
Tate tate que no hay nada
Desha el amor para mañana
Daile a la suegra una sardina
Y a la nuera una gallina
Daile a cenar al desposado
Daile a cenar que no ha cenado

I would wake up on a Monday
Monday early in the morning
I would take my little jug
And go to the fountain to get water
In the middle of the way
My beloved I would meet
He'd put my hand on my neck
And touch my necklace
Hush, hush, you horseman
Let me go home
I'll wash my beautiful body
I'll put on a white blouse
I'll tie around my waist
A red sash
I'll comb my hair
I'll put on a white blouse
Hush, hush, there is no dowry
Leave love for the night
Hush, hush, there is nothing
Leave love for tomorrow
Give the mother-in-law a sardine
And the daughter-in-law a chicken
Give the bridegroom dinner
Give him dinner
For his has not dined

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Last updated: July 12, 2001