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Facetas 2e Sound Files in Small Size MP3 Format

If you have any problems, please contact Dr. Jon Aske (Click here to send email). Please bear with us as we implement this new method of providing language students with their textbooks' lab sound files.

If you are doing this from home or somewhere other than the Computer Lab in MH201 note this: You need to have an MP3 media player installed on your computer for these files to play. If you don't, you may download the free Winamp player for Windows, which is excellent for this purpose.

VERY USEFUL NOTE FOR EVERYBODY: in the Winamp player you can use your back arrow and forward arrow keys to quickly go back or forward 5 seconds in the file. That way you can listen to a missed word or phrase without starting from the beginning.

NOTE: Depending on your browser when you click on these links you may be asked whether you want to open the file or save it. If you have a fast Internet connection, you should be able to just open it (with whatever file player you have installed; the computer should recognize that these MP3 files are to be opened with it). Otherwise, it is recommended that you download the file so that you can listen to it without using the Internet connection, which would result in choppy sound. If your browser doesn't give you the option and just wants to play the file without downloading, you can always force the browser to download by clicking on the file with the right button of your mouse (in Windows) and selecting the option that says something such as Save to file or Save Target as. Then you will have the files in your hard drive and won't have to download it the next time you want to listen to it.

Laboratory sound tracks

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Filename Size 
101_De_una_vez_1e_SAM_Copyright  134 K
102_A_Riqueza_cultural_Los_hispanos_en_los_Estados_Unidos  898 K
103_B_Alfabeto  704 K
104_C_Deletreo  1,102 K
105_A_Riqueza_cultural_Chicano_sobresaliente  790 K
106_B_Riqueza_linguistica_El_calo  386 K
107_Silabas  544 K
108_C_Cuantas_silabas_oyes  802 K
109_Separacion_en_silabas  558 K
110_D_Divide_en_silabas  638 K
111_Separacion_en_Silabas_(cont)  978 K
112_E_Divide_en_silabas  592 K
113_F_Ortografia  582 K
114_G_Francisco_X_Alarcon  672 K
115_A_Riqueza_cultural_Puertorriquena_sobresaliente  620 K
116_B_Riqueza_linguistica_El_habla_caribena  512 K
117_El_golpe  686 K
118_C_El_golpe  548 K
119_El_acento_escrito  424 K
120_D_Acento_escrito  714 K
121_E_Silabas,_el_golpe_y_acento_escrito  716 K
122_F_Ortografia_Militares  706 K
123_G_Rosie_Perez  624 K
124_A_Riqueza_cultural_Cubanomericana_estelar  700 K
125_B_Riqueza_linguistica_Lenguas_en_contacto  782 K
126_Repaso_de_las_reglas_basicas_de_acentuacion  310 K
127_C_Acentuacion_y_ortografia  614 K
128_D_Jon_Secada  554 K
129_E_Ortografia_Medicos_y_medicina  766 K
130_F_Angel_Castro  780 K
201_De_una_vez_1e_SAM_Copyright  134 K
202_A_Riqueza_cultura_Dominicano_estelar  606 K
203_B_Riqueza_linguistica_Lenguas_en_contacto__cognados_falsos  696 K
204_Diptongos  480 K
205_C_Identificar_diptongos  606 K
206_Acentuar_un_diptongo  220 K
207_D_Al_acentuar_un_diptongo  614 K
208_Separar_un_diptongo_en_dos_silabas  288 K
209_E_Al_separar_un_diptongo_en_dos_silabas  624 K
210_Dos_vocales_fuertes  254 K
211_F_Vocales_fuertes  478 K
212_G_Silabacion_y_acentuacion  682 K
213_H_Ortografia_Educacion_bilingue  760 K
214_I_Sammy_Sosa  786 K
215_A_Riqueza_cultural_Nicaraguense_estelar  654 K
216_B_Riqueza_linguistica_Influencia_del_ingles_en_el_espanol_escrito  568 K
217_Triptongos  352 K
218_Para_acentuar_un_triptongo  208 K
219_C_Triptongos  492 K
220_D_Ortografia_Servicio_voluntario  756 K
221_E_Ruben_Dario_(18671916)  764 K
222_A_Riqueza_cultural_Poeta_revolucionario  636 K
223_B_Riqueza_linguistica_El_voseo_centroamericano  470 K
224_Palabras_interrogativas,_exclamativas_y_relativas  808 K
225_C_Interrogativas,_exclamativas_y_relativas  680 K
226_D_Ortografia_Estadistica_y_analisis_de_datos  780 K
227_E_Oscar_Arnulfo_Romero_(19171980)  596 K
301_De_una_vez_1e_SAM_Copyright  134 K
302_A_Riqueza_cultural_Artista_espanol  616 K
303_B_Riqueza_linguistica_El_uso_de_la_ce_y_la_zeta_de_Castilla  482 K
304_Repaso_de_acentuacion,_diptongos_y_triptongos  872 K
305_C_repaso_de_acentuacion  668 K
306_D_Acentos_escritos  804 K
307_El_sonido_k  954 K
308_E_Practica_con_la_escritura_del_sonido_k  608 K
309_F_Ortografia_Deportistas_profesionales  772 K
310_G_Pedro_Almodovar  712 K
311_A_Riqueza_cultural_Artista_por_excelencia  628 K
312_B_Riquez_linguistica_La_lengua_campesina  450 K
313_Palabras_parecidas_Pares_de_palabras  1,070 K
314_C_Practica_con_palabras_parecidas  492 K
315_D_Que_corresponde  696 K
316_El_sonido_s  518 K
317_Deletreo_con_la_letra_s  700 K
318_Deletreo_con_la_letra_z  442 K
319_Deletreo_con_las_letras_ce,_ci  348 K
320_E_Prctica_con_la_escritura_del_sonido_s  716 K
321_F_Ortografia_Diseno_y_moda  740 K
322_G_Octavio_Paz_(19141998)  784 K
323_A_Riqueza_cultural_Activista_indigena_quiche  576 K
324_B_Riqueza_linguistica_La_jerga_guatemalteca  446 K
325_Palabras_parecidas_Silabas_enfatizadas  668 K
326_C_Cual_silaba_se_enfatiza  792 K
327_D_Palabras_parecidas  626 K
328_Los_sonidos_g_y_x  356 K
329_El_sonido_g_Deletreo_con_la_letra_g  636 K
330_El_sonido_x_Deletreo_con_las_letras_g,_j  594 K
331_E_Deletreo_con_la_g_y_la_j  734 K
332_F_Guatemala  550 K
333_G_El_Popol_Vuh  856 K
402_A_Riqueza_cultural_Cantante_de_fama_internacional  586 K
403_B_Riqueza_linguistica_Influencia_del_ingles_en_el_quechua  474 K
404_Palabras_parecidas_Esta,_esta_y_esta  772 K
405_C_Practica_con_esta,_esta_y_esta  708 K
406_D_Palabras_parecidas  506 K
407_Los_sonidos_de_la_letra_y  574 K
408_El_sonido_y_Deletreo_con_las_letras_y,_ll  1,082 K
409_E_Deletreo_con_la_ll_y_la_y  660 K
410_F_Los_incas  480 K
411_G_Los_Senores_de_Sipan  626 K
412_A_Riquenza_cultural_Venerado_poeta_chileno  918 K
413_B_Riqueza_linguistica_La_jerga_chilena  420 K
414_Palabras_parecidas_a,_ah_y_ah  798 K
415_C_Practica_con_a,_ah_y_ha  646 K
416_D_Roberto_Matta,_artista_chileno  576 K
417_Deletreo_con_las_letras_b_y_v  986 K
418_E_Deletreo_con_la_b_y_la_v  724 K
419_F_Gabriela_Mistral  558 K
420_G_Isabel_Allende  836 K
421_A_Riqueza_cultural_Distinguido_escritor_argentino  738 K
422_B_Riqueza_linguistica_El_lunfardo  402 K
423_Palabras_parecidas_Ay_y_hay  536 K
424_C_Practica_con_ay_y_hay  518 K
425_D_Esas_formidables_argentinas  562 K
426_Deletreo_con_la_r_y_la_rr  892 K
427_E_Deletreo_con_la_r_y_la_rr  716 K
428_F_Deletreo_de_palabras_parecidas  790 K
429_G_Cecilia_Roth  666 K
File Listing  19 K

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