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Web Based Lab for the Textbook Points de départ 1e & 2e
(FRE 101 & FRE 102)

This password-protected page is located at Salem State University's Language Resource Center website.

From this page you can access the audio and video clips you need in order to complete the lab/video sections of your workbook manual(s) that come with your course's textbook.

This page is the main source for these audio and video clips for all students enrolled in language courses through Continuing Education (evening and summer courses) at Salem State, unless your instructor tells you otherwise.

Language students enrolled in the Day School normally do not come here to complete their lab work. They must use the language laboratory at the LRC during operating hours. Only occasionally under exceptional circumstances an instructor in a day course may grant a student the privilege to complete all or part of their lab homework from this page. Day students granted this priviledge must be students in good standing and must adhere strictly to all the rules for completion of the lab work. The instructor may require that this form/contract be completed.

Correcting your Homework

  1. The answer key below is meant for you to make corrections to your own answers to the exercises
  2. The answer key is not to be used until you have completed the exercises on your own
  3. Everything you copy from the answer key must be written in a different color pen/pencil
  4. Do not erase the original answers when you copy something from the answer key
  5. If you are found using the key incorrectly, it will be reported to your instructor

Sound files

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