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Chinese Sound Files in MP3 Format

You need to have an MP3 media player installed on your computer for these files to play. If you don't, you may download the free version of the Winamp player for Windows, which is excellent for this purpose.

VERY USEFUL NOTE FOR EVERYBODY: in the Winamp player you can use your back arrow and forward arrow keys to quickly go back or forward 5 seconds in the file. That way you can listen to a missed word or phrase without starting from the beginning.

NOTE: Depending on your browser when you click on these links you may be asked whether you want to open the file or save it. If you have a fast Internet connection, you should be able to just open it (with whatever MP3 player you have installed; the computer should recognize that these MP3 files are to be opened with it). Otherwise, it is recommended that you download the file to your hard drive so that you can listen to it without using the Internet connection. If your browser doesn't give you the option and just wants to play the file without downloading, you can always force the browser to download by clicking on the file with the right button of your mouse (in Windows) and selecting the option that says something such as Save to file or Save Target as. Then you will have the files in your hard drive and won't have to download it the next time you want to listen to it.

Laboratory sound tracks

CHI 102 - SET 1

File Size 
Lesson_06.mp3  767 K
Lesson_07.mp3  751 K
Lesson_08.mp3  892 K
Lesson_09.mp3  892 K
Lesson_10.mp3  579 K
Lesson_11.mp3  736 K
Lesson_12.mp3  1,376 K

CHI 102 - SET 2

File Size 
Lesson_06.mp3  2,443 K
Lesson_07.mp3  3,295 K


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