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Salem State University | Department of World Languages & Cultures | Language Resource Center

World Radio Stations


Many radio stations all over the world broadcast some of their programming through the Internet in either the RealAudio format ( Real ) or the Windows Media Radio format ( WiM ).

The computers at the Language Resource Center are connected to the internet and have the software to allow you to listen to radio stations using either of these formats.

If you want to listen to Internet radio broadcasts from your computer at home you may need to download either or both of these players (for free):

743 Bytes
Click where you see "free player"
somewhere hidden
No need to buy it!

Sometimes you can listen to live broadcasts, sometimes canned ones with recent news programs, for example. This gives you an excellent oportunity to listen to broadcasts from other lands, in other languages.

Below you will find links to databases (lists) of Internet radio stations as well as a few links to select foreign language radio stations:

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World Web Radio Stations Directories

RealAudio Spanish-language radio station search

RealAudio French-language radio station search

RealAudio German-language radio station search

RealAudio Italian-language radio station search

RealAudio Chinese-language radio station search

BBC World Service in 43 languages

Las radios en español, país por país (

Radio stations online in Spain
At the El Mundo Las estrellas del navegante web site.

GRC Mexican Radio Stations

Busc@migos: Radio - Emisoras @ mundo latino

KRS' Radioworld
Terrific source of links to radio stations all over the world: by country, by language, etc.

The MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internet
Links to Over 7500 Radio Stations.

European radio stations broadcasting in Real Audio
Live Radio on the Web at Mike's Radio World. Very thorough and easy to access.

Other World radio stations broadcasting in Real Audio
Live Radio on the Web at Mike's Radio World.
It bills itself as "one of the best webpages for "Live" and "On Demand" radio on the internet."

The World's Radio Stations
Radio Stations From Around the Globe Broadcasting LIVE

Las radios en español, país por país

LiveWire! Broadcast
"LiveWire! Broadcast makes searching and accessing real-time audio and video stations on the Internet easy. The program allows easy searching for RealAudio, MP3-Shoutcast, and Microsoft Netshow audio and video transmissions. LiveWire!'s search method queries an external database, always returning the most updated results."

French Radio and TV Resources
Hot links created by David A. Gatwood from a list by Bob Peckham (TennesseeBob)

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Select Spanish language radio stations

BBC Mundo: En vivo 24 hs.; Último noticiero; BBC Deportes; BBC Economía; BBC Ciencia; Efemérides BBC; Enfoque; Vía Libre ( Real )

CNN en español: Live ( Real )

Radio Exterior de España: En Directo ( Real ); En Directo ( WiM )

Cadena COPE (Spain): Go to the different programming sections for links to recorded programs

  • Radio en directo ( Real )
  • Ultimo boletín informativo noticias ( Real )

    Onda Cero (Spain): En Directo (live) ( Real ); En Directo (live) ( WiM ).

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    Select French language radio stations

    Radio France

    France 2 News

    This is the official site for the French arm of the CBC (T.V.) in Canada providing a wealth of news and related information in French. Listen to RealAudio programming around the clock (click on "Audio et Vidéo").

    MS IE5 Radio

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Korea
  • Norway
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Taiwan
  • UK

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    Last updated: April 23, 2004