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Sullivan Bldg. 117

Salem State University | Department of World Languages & Cultures | Language Resource Center

Language Resource Center Rules & Instructions

All users of the SSU LRC must follow the rules stated below. Enforcement of these rules will be monitored and enforced by LRC personnel. LRC personnel cannot spend their time policing the LRC, so infringement of these rules - when discovered - will result in severe penalties.

    General rules

  1. The resources of the LRC are limited. For that reason, the LRC must be used solely for work directly related to classes taken in the Department of World Languages & Cultures, or by special written permission of a faculty member of the Department of World Languages & Cultures.
  2. The LRC belongs to everybody and equipment and resources must be cared for by everybody. Damage to or removal of any equipment or materials that are property of the LRC (or of anybody using the LRC), will result in disciplinary action.

    Computer rules

  3. Users may not install any software on LRC computers and or change any computer settings.
  4. Users may not download any files from the Internet onto the computers' hard drives.

    Materials checkout

  5. The LRC has limited number of resources, such as videos, DVD's, CD's and reference books for the use of LRC patrons. These materials must be checked out from the LRC attendant and must be returned promptly and in the same condition they were checked out in. Failure to do so hurts all other patrons and will be reported to the user's instructor and to the Department of World Languages & Cultures immediately.

    Equipment care

  6. As you no doubt know, computers and electronic equipment are delicate and expensive. Treat LRC equipment accordingly. If you have any questions about the equipment, ask the LRC attendant for help.
  7. Computer crashes can be minimized by proper computing habits. Although these computers are able to multi-task, you should never start a program or open a window while the hard disk is working on another task. You must be patient and wait until the computer conveys to you that it's ready by stopping what it's doing.

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Salem State University | Department of World Languages & Cultures | Language Resource Center

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Last updated: May 23, 2000