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Salem State University | Department of World Languages & Cultures | Language Resource Center

French Language Reference Materials

For more French reference links, go to the Department's French Reference Page:

When learning or using a language we often need to make use of tools to help us achieve these tasks more effectively. One of the most basic such tools is the dictionary. Other tools are verb tables and grammar explanations, for example.

French online reference

French Online Dictionaries

Leximagne - l'empereur des pages dico
"This exhaustive collection of nearly 900 electronic French dictionaries, glossaries and wordlists gives access to hundreds of thousands of words, terms and expressions. Combined with a CD-delivered lexical database such as TERMIUM and your choice of paper dictionary, a picture-based dictionary (with detailed drawings), it is a fitting and complete tool for all, from student to professional translator. "

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French reference software at the LRC

  • French Encyclopédie Encarta Deluxe 2000
  • Hachette Oxford Dictionary

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    French paper reference materials at the LRC

    Bookcover Le Bon Usage by M. Grevisse Hardcover Current edition (June 1986) Schoenhofs Foreign Books; ISBN: 2801110450. (At Barnes&Noble; At

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    Bookcover The Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary: French-English/English-French (2nd Ed) (Thumb Index Ed) by Marie-Helene Correard (Editor), Valerie Grundy (Editor) Hardcover - 2016 pages 2nd edition (September 1997) Oxford Univ Pr (Trade); ISBN: 0198600682. (At Barnes&Noble; At

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