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What is Gradekeeper

Jon Aske
This page has information for SSU faculty about Gradekeeper. Gradekeeper is software licensed to Salem State for faculty to keep track of students' performance and produce performance reports which can be shared with students in a variety of ways.

"Gradekeeper makes dealing with grades easy! You enter scores and attendance and Gradekeeper does the rest. Gradekeeper computes grades, prints reports, does seating charts, sends email progress reports, and even posts grades online. With the companion applications for your Palm OS or Pocket PC handheld, you can record grades and attendance during class and synchronize with your desktop computer later." -Gradekeeper site

What can Gradekeeper do for you?

You may be happy using a paper gradebook or a spreadsheet program such as Excel. Maybe you use the gradebook in Blackboard for some classes. Why should you be interested in using Gradekeeper.

One major advantage that Gradekeeper has over paper gradebooks or spreadsheet programs is that it allows you to create reports at any time which you can share with your students as project reports. You can just print individual personalized progress reports to give to your students or, if you are technologically savvy, you can also email them to your students or put them up on the Web for them to check.

Students appreciate receiving reports that help them see how they are doing, especially in classes in which their grades depends on a variety of grades in different categories (homework, quizzes, tests, presentations, etc.). It motivates many of them to do better and it helps those who may be lost.

By giving these reports you will also insure that there are no errors in data entry. Finally, Gradekeeper will insure that there are no errors in your grade calculations.

Quick Links

Producing Student Reports

  • Producing paper reports for your students

    In Gradekeeper, go to Reports menu, select Student Scores to view the student reports; then select File menu, and choose Print. If you want to print a single student report, when you are in Student Scores, right click on the window to select/print a particular student

  • Producing grade reports on the Web
  • Sending email reports to students

Other Questions

  • How can I insert, delete, and move rows and columns?

    "Click once on the row or column number and choose cut from the edit menu. You can insert rows and columns a couple of ways. If you have cut a row or column, you can click a row or column number and choose paste from the edit menu. You can also drag and drop a column (including a blank one) to rearrange them. What you cannot do is have more than 250 students or 150 assignments per term." Daniel Ethier

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